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  1. Cybersecurity Will Be A Key Topic Of Discussion Between Biden And Putin
    Recent cybersecurity attacks in the U.S. were traced to Russian groups, who likely are known to the Kremlin.

  2. Where Infrastructure Negotiations Stand In Congress
    The Democratic majority in Congress has been struggling to advance Biden's agenda as moderates have tried to bring Republicans on board with an infrastructure bill.

  3. 5 Things To Watch At The Biden-Putin Summit
    The June 16 Geneva summit between President Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin is a chance for the two leaders to map out how they will manage a difficult relationship. Here's what to know.

  4. Trump Justice Department Subpoenaed Apple For Info On Former White House Counsel
    The secret DOJ subpoena sought account information for Don McGahn as well as his wife. It is unclear what the department was investigating or whether prosecutors obtained any account information.

  5. How To Be A Citizen: Being Involved In Civic Life At A Young Age
    NPR's Michel Martin speaks with two youth organizers, Calla Walsh and Thomas Chaplain, about how to get involved with civic life when you're too young to vote.

  6. DOJ Subpoenaed Apple For Data On Trump White House Lawyer
    The Justice Department secretly subpoenaed Apple in 2018 for account information of then-White House Counsel Don McGahn as well as his wife.

  7. Netanyahu Is Out: Naftali Bennett Sworn In As Israel's New Prime Minister
    The Israeli Knesset has voted to unseat Benjamin Netanyahu after 12 years in power. Israel's longest-serving prime minister will be succeeded by Naftali Bennett, a former aide turned political rival.

  8. Iranians Will Head To The Polls Friday To Choose A New President
    NPR's Scott Detrow speaks with Mehrzad Boroujerdi, Professor and Director of the School of Public and International Affairs at Virginia Tech about the upcoming elections in Iran.

  9. Rep. Pramila Jayapal Talks About Ongoing Infrastructure Negotiations
    Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal addresses negotiations on the infrastructure proposal and her hope that a final bill will include provisions to combat climate change as drought grips the west coast.

  10. What To Know Ahead Of President Biden's Meeting With Putin
    NPR's Scott Detrow speaks with Yuval Weber, Global Fellow at the Wilson Institute, about how the U.S. and Russia relationship is shifting under the Biden administration.

Scientific Consensus - Politically Correct Words for Bullying

Commentary after commentary tries to browbeat opponents with the ‘scientific consensus’ of some point. As if the collective opinions of some group convey not just a stamp of approval on an issue but anoint their position with the ...

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Scientific Consensus - Politically Correct Words for Bullying



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