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About Institute for Responsible Science

Institute for Responsible Science (IRS) is an aggregate of advocacy Centers that seek to protect the public from abuses in the arenas of unsafe products, predatory lending, false advertising, pseudoauthoritarians and pollution.

Institute for Responsible Science may operate via protests, campaigning or lobbying. IRS may engage in single-issue advocacy or IRS Centers may function as more general consumer watchdogs.

One common means of providing consumers useful information is the independent comparative survey or test of products or services, involving different manufacturers or companies.

Another arena where Institute for Responsible Science Centers have operated is food safety. Campaigns in this area are more difficult to reconcile with traditional methods, since the scientific, dietary or medical evidence is normally more complex than in other arenas, such as the electric safety of appliances. The current standards on mandatory labeling, in developed countries, have in part been shaped by past lobbying by consumer advocacy.

The aim of Institute for Responsible Science may be to establish and to attempt to enforce consumer rights. Effective work has been accomplished utilizing the peril of adverse exposure to keep companies' focus on the consumers' viewpoint.

Institute for Responsible Science may attempt to serve consumer interests by relatively direct actions such as creating and/or disseminating market information, and prohibiting specific acts or practices, or by promoting competitive forces in the markets which directly or indirectly affect consumers (such as transportation, electricity, communications, etc.).

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