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Center for Physiology and Biophysics: News of the Day
  1. Study of DNA repair boosts prospects for gene editing technology
    Researchers have developed a new method to profile the activity of cellular genes involved in correcting DNA damage, and applied this method to pave the way for dramatic improvements to genome editing technologies.

  2. Scientists develop sperm cells from primate stem cells
    A new study shows that functional sperm cells can be made in a dish using primate embryonic stem cells.

  3. Viral infections could promote neurodegeneration
    Some viral diseases could possibly contribute to neurodegeneration. Researchers found that certain viral molecules facilitated intercellular spreading of protein aggregates that are hallmarks of brain diseases like Alzheimer's. These findings may provide clues how acute or chronic viral infections could contribute to neurodegeneration.

  4. Scientists develop new sensor to capture calcium activity in cells
    Researchers have developed a novel approach for detecting the activity of calcium within cells. The study demonstrates the effectiveness of a red biosensor that can directly monitor calcium at specific locations within a cell, a discovery that could aid in better understanding of the molecular basis of human diseases.

  5. Drug helps sensory neurons regrow in the mouse central nervous system
    Researchers have discovered that an FDA-approved drug acts on support cells in the central nervous system to encourage sensory neurons to regrow after injury.

  6. Of quirky channels and a fond farewell

    This final installment of Generally Physiological concerns F-selective channels, a surprising role for a tryptophan in determining channel identity, and a farewell note from the Executive Editor of The Journal of General Physiology.

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