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Center for Healthcare: News of the Day
  1. Thriving Black-owned businesses 'righting the wrongs of the past' in rural Mississippi
    In one of the poorest rural regions of the country's poorest state, a Black entreprenuer is helping Black owned businesses open and thrive even during the pandemic.

  2. Physician assistants want to be called physician associates, but doctors cry foul
    PAs say the new title would clarify that they work in a team and don't require direct oversight by M.D.s. Doctors say it obscures the fact that PAs have less education and training than physicians.

  3. Sending the right message about the omicron variant is tricky
    Scientists may not know for a couple weeks yet how risky the new coronavirus variant will be to public health. But getting out front now about what is known helps dispel misinformation, they say.

  4. These women speak candidly about their abortions. Here's what they want you to know
    In D.C. and across the country, people gathered by the thousands in coordinated rallies to demand reproductive justice for all. The main message? Everyone loves someone who's had an abortion.

  5. How Black tech entrepreneurs are tackling health care's race gap
    Determined to improve the way doctors connect with their patients, a new wave of innovators are using technology to match people of color with culturally competent professionals.

  6. More veterans with PTSD will soon get help from service dogs. Thank the 'PAWS' Act
    Service dogs have long helped veterans with vision or mobility problems. Now the PAWS Veterans Therapy Act will help connect specially trained dogs to some veterans with symptoms of traumatic stress.

  7. Voice-only telehealth may go away with pandemic rules expiring
    State rules were temporarily loosened in 2020 to help patients get care outside a doctor's office. But is telehealth by phone safe and effective? State legislatures and insurers must soon decide.

  8. Doctors are mad about surprise billing rules. Becerra says stop gouging patients
    Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra says health providers who have exploited a complicated system to charge exorbitant rates will have to bear their share of the cost ? or close.

  9. CDC backs expansion of COVID boosters for all adults
    A panel of vaccine advisors voted unanimously to expand authorization of boosters for anyone 18 and older. Just hours later CDC director Rochelle Walensky endorsed the recommendation.

  10. The ER charged him $6,589.77 for 6 stitches, a cost that led his wife to avoid the ER
    With few options for health care in their rural community, a Tennessee couple's experience with one outrageous bill could have led to a deadly delay when they needed help the most.

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