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Center for Healthcare: News of the Day
  1. The Clock's Ticking For 178 Hospital Workers Suspended For Not Getting Vaccinated
    Employees at Houston Methodist who are unwilling to get the shot say the vaccines are unsafe and even "experimental." The hospital system's CEO says they're spouting "anti-vaccination rhetoric."

  2. In Montana, Crisis Support Teams Offer Alternatives To Policing Mental Health
    Montana now has six mobile crisis response teams ? up from one in 2019 ? with more in the works. Each team has a different makeup, but all use mental health support to diffuse tricky situations.

  3. Women Now Drink As Much As Men ? Not So Much For Pleasure, But To Cope
    Women aren't just upping their drinking, researchers say. Increasingly they are "drinking to cope," instead of for pleasure ? which accelerates the risk of alcohol use disorder and its health damage.

  4. An Anti-Vaccine Film Targeted To Black Americans Spreads False Information
    A recent movie produced by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s anti-vaccine group tries to capitalize on the COVID-19 pandemic, the racial justice movement and renewed interest in the history of medical racism.

  5. Once Banned, For-Profit Medical Schools Are On The Rise Again In The U.S.
    Montana is one of only four states without a medical school, and two groups with different financial models hope to remedy that. One plans a for-profit school, but critics say students may suffer.

  6. Want To Mix 2 Different COVID-19 Vaccines? Canada Is Fine With That
    As of late May, 50.6% of Canada's population had received at least one vaccination shot ? but only 4.6% of the population was fully vaccinated.

  7. In Missouri And Other States, Flawed Data Makes It Hard To Track Vaccine Equity
    Data collection for race and ethnicity vary among states, complicating efforts to distribute COVID-19 shots to all groups. In Missouri, health officials have questioned the data's usefulness.

  8. Trying To Avoid Racist Health Care, Black Women Seek Out Black Obstetricians
    Black women are three times more likely to die in childbirth than white women. Some of them look to Black doctors for a sense of safety and connection, while medical schools add anti-racism training.

  9. A $10,322 Tab For A Sleep Apnea Study Is Enough To Wreck One Patient's Rest
    The University of Miami Health System charged truck driver Josť Mendoza six times what Medicare would pay for an overnight test. He got trapped by his high-deductible health plan and sky-high billing.

  10. In California, Nursing Home Owners Can Operate After They're Denied A License
    Nursing home chain ReNew Health continues to care for hundreds of patients even after the state attempted to crack down. Before and during the pandemic, homes connected to ReNew had safety violations.

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