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  1. Amid Pandemic, Election Officials Remain Vigilant Toward Cybersecurity
    Election officials have been worried about Russian interference. Officials now are trying to make sure voters will be safe when casting a ballot, but cybersecurity threats haven't gone away.

  2. Social Media Usage Is At An All-Time High. That Could Mean A Nightmare For Democracy
    Studies show that social media polarizes its users. The pandemic means more Americans are on it than ever. What does that mean to a nation attempting to govern itself?

  3. What Happened Today: Trump Threatens To Move RNC, Global Impact Questions
    NPR's global health and development reporter answers listener questions on how the coronavirus is affecting the world at large.

  4. Twitter Flags President Trump's Tweet For The First Time
    Twitter has put a warning label on a tweet by President Trump for the first time on Tuesday. The company says the tweet contains "potentially misleading information about voting processes."

  5. On Eve Of Historic Remote Votes In The House, Republicans Sue To Block The Move
    More than 20 Republicans will sue in federal court to stop proxy voting in the House during the pandemic. Democrats approved the measure along a party line vote earlier this month.

  6. Trump's Threat To Move Convention Causes Overnight Scramble
    On Friday, the RNC chairwoman was looking to local officials in Charlotte to guide convention plans. Now, the president has given North Carolina an ultimatum, as governors pitch other states to host.

  7. Trump Unveils Plan To Cap Insulin Costs For Seniors, Takes Jabs At Biden
    Some polls show Trump's support slipping among seniors. His new plan will help diabetic seniors limit insulin costs to $35 per month, starting next year.

  8. Justice Department Closes Investigations Of 3 Senators; Burr Inquiry Continues
    Investigators won't pursue insider-trading investigations into one Democrat and two Republicans, but Sen. Richard Burr, R-N.C., remains a subject of interest to the FBI and prosecutors.

  9. Trump Threatens To Relocate The Republican National Convention
    President Trump has threatened to relocate the Republican National Convention, which has been scheduled to take place in Charlotte, N.C., in August. He is objecting to the governor's safety measures.

  10. Increased Social Media Usage Creates Perfect Conditions For Spread Of Misinformation
    Social media usage is at an all-time high in the U.S. and around the globe due to the pandemic. That could become a fertile ground for misinformation during this presidential election cycle.

Scientific Consensus - Politically Correct Words for Bullying

Commentary after commentary tries to browbeat opponents with the ‘scientific consensus’ of some point. As if the collective opinions of some group convey not just a stamp of approval on an issue but anoint their position with the ...

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Scientific Consensus - Politically Correct Words for Bullying



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