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  1. Exclusive: After Quitting Last Year, Senior U.S. Intelligence Official Now Talks
    Sue Gordon was in line to be acting director of national intelligence after Dan Coats quit last year. President Trump thought otherwise. Gordon now recounts her time in his administration.

  2. Trump And His Campaign Amplify 'Birther' Conspiracy Against Kamala Harris
    President Trump stokes a controversial theory being promoted by supporters that Sen. Kamala Harris is not eligible for the vice presidency.

  3. Trump Questions Harris' Eligibility To Be The Vice Presidential Candidate
    President Trump appeared to raise questions about whether Kamala Harris was eligible to be the vice presidential candidate following an op-ed that incorrectly raised doubts about her eligibility.

  4. Joe Biden: For The Next 3 Months, All Americans Should Wear A Mask When Outside
    The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee said every governor should mandate mask-wearing as a way to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

  5. Supreme Court Allows Rhode Island To Make Voting By Mail Easier Amid Pandemic
    The state has agreed to suspend a requirement that mail-in ballots must be signed before two witnesses or a notary. The high court rejects a Republican effort to reinstate the rule this fall.

  6. How The Media Handled The Selection Of Kamala Harris As Biden's Running Mate
    Kamala Harris is making history as the first Black woman and first Asian American to be nominated on a national ticket. Her identity is now being picked apart by many conservative commentators.

  7. Trump Opposes Boosting Postal Service Funding To Block Expansion Of Mail-In Voting
    President Trump has stepped up his assault on both mail-in voting and the U.S. Postal Service. He stated that without additional money to fund both, Democrats will be unable to expand mail-in voting.

  8. U.S.-China Trade Dispute Affects The Search For A New Head Of WTO
    The ongoing U.S.-China trade dispute is spilling over into the search for a new head of the World Trade Organization. Candidates for the job are now trying to appeal to both Washington and Beijing.

  9. Kamala Harris' War Against Truancy: Was It Necessary And What Went Wrong?
    NPR's Mary Louise Kelly talks with Molly Redden, a senior politics reporter with HuffPost, about Kamala Harris' years-long campaign against truancy in California and why it remains controversial.

  10. Mail Delivery In Swing States Falls Short, Worrying Elections Officials
    Postal data show mail delivery in three critical swing states is not meeting on-time performance goals. Elections officials worry that voters won't be able to get their ballots submitted on time.

Scientific Consensus - Politically Correct Words for Bullying

Commentary after commentary tries to browbeat opponents with the ‘scientific consensus’ of some point. As if the collective opinions of some group convey not just a stamp of approval on an issue but anoint their position with the ...

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Scientific Consensus - Politically Correct Words for Bullying



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