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  1. Mike Pompeo On Track For Confirmation For Secretary Of State
    The CIA director faces a narrow path through a closely divided Senate, but Republicans are confident he has the votes to win confirmation on the floor later this week.

  2. 'A Close Personal Relationship' Under Pressure As Trump Hosts Macron
    While President Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron share personal chemistry, their bond may tested on issues such as strategy in Syria, the Iran nuclear deal and trade.

  3. Alexa, Tell Me A National Security Secret: Amazon's Reach Goes Beyond The Post Office
    It's little known that the CIA uses Amazon Web Services to store its data, and, now, it's the favorite for a big-money Pentagon contract to do the same. Amazon's tentacles go to other agencies, too.

  4. Senate Panel Expected To Vote Against Pompeo To Lead State Department
    The Senate Foreign Relations Committee votes Monday on President Trump's pick for secretary of state. But, it's looking like Mike Pompeo will not get the panel's backing.

  5. Goldberg's 'Suicide Of The West' Tackles Ills Of Identity Politics
    Steve Inskeep talks to National Review senior editor Jonah Goldberg about his new book, Suicide of the West. Goldberg argues that the "miracle" of liberal democratic capitalism is at risk.

  6. News Brief: Senate Panel To Vote On Pompeo Nomination, Nicaragua Protests
    The Senate Foreign Relations Committee votes on Mike Pompeo to be secretary of state. It appears the panel won't support him. Nicaragua's president withdraws a welfare overhaul that sparked protests.

  7. For Decades, HUD Actively Engaged In Discrimination, Author Says
    Sheryll Cashin, author of the Place, Not Race: A New Vision for Opportunity in America, explains why equal access to housing is so essential for economic progress.

  8. How Does Kim Jong Un Define 'Denuclearization'?
    Korea expert Jean Lee of the Wilson Center tells Michel Martin Kim Jong Un's understanding of "denuclearization" of the Korean peninsula may be very different from what President Trump expects.

  9. Fair Housing Act Never Fully Enforced, Walter Mondale Says
    The Fair Housing Act of 1968 sought to end racial discrimination in housing, but American cities remain deeply segregated. NPR's Michel Martin looks back with former Vice President Walter Mondale, who co-wrote the bill.

  10. Latinos And Others Find Trump's Offensive Twitter Language Not Unusual
    NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro talks to Pilar Marrero, a writer at the Spanish language daily La Opinion in Los Angeles, about President Trump's recent tweets attacking California's sanctuary laws.

Scientific Consensus - Politically Correct Words for Bullying

Commentary after commentary tries to browbeat opponents with the ‘scientific consensus’ of some point. As if the collective opinions of some group convey not just a stamp of approval on an issue but anoint their position with the ...

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Scientific Consensus - Politically Correct Words for Bullying



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