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Center for Healthcare: News of the Day
  1. 'Providers Don't Even Listen': Barriers To Alzheimer's Care When You're Not White
    Nonwhite Americans looking for care for a loved one are much more likely than whites to encounter discrimination, language barriers, and providers who lack cultural competence, a new report finds.

  2. To Help Farmworkers Get COVID-19 Tests And Vaccine, Build Trust And A Safety Net
    Getting COVID-19 tests and vaccine to essential workers on commercial farms and in meatpacking plants requires more than a pop-up clinic miles away. A positive test can be financially devastating.

  3. CDC Panel Endorses Johnson & Johnson's One-Dose COVID-19 Vaccine
    Advisers to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention voted to endorse the emergency use of a single dose of a vaccine made by Johnson & Johnson. A study showed it was 66% effective in the U.S.

  4. People With A BMI Over 30 Now Qualify For A COVID-19 Vaccine In Some States
    Obesity now qualifies patients for a COVID-19 vaccine in some states. NPR's Ari Shapiro talks with writer Emma Specter on why people should get the vaccine, though BMI is a faulty indicator of health.

  5. College Tuition Sparked A Mental Health Crisis. Then The Hefty Hospital Bill Arrived
    A student sought counseling help after panicking over a tuition bill. A weeklong stay in a psychiatric hospital followed ? along with a $3,413 bill. The hospital soft-pedaled its charity care policy.

  6. One Medical Faces Accusations Of Giving COVID-19 Vaccines To Ineligible People
    The concierge healthcare provider One Medical has been allowing ineligible people to receive COVID-19 vaccines, according to documents leaked to NPR. The company denies this claim.

  7. Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine May Soon Be Available In The U.S.
    Another COVID-19 vaccine may soon be available. The Food and Drug Administration has conducted an evaluation of the application from Johnson & Johnson for emergency use authorization for its vaccine.

  8. 'It's a Minefield': Biden's Pick For Health Secretary Faces Abortion Politics
    As California's attorney general, Xavier Becerra fought Trump-era restrictions on reproductive health. If confirmed, he'll navigate an even more difficult legal and political landscape.

  9. Biden's Straight-Talking CDC Director Has Long Used Data To Save Lives
    Dr. Rochelle Walensky says scientists at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention were "muzzled" and "diminished" by the Trump team, especially during the pandemic. She aims to fix that.

  10. Vitamin C Apparently Not Useful For Sepsis After All
    A seemingly easy and cheap treatment for a deadly disease has failed in a major study. Vitamin C is apparently not useful for sepsis after all. That's a lesson for similar COIVD-19 treatments.

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