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Center for Healthcare: News of the Day
  1. Private Medicaid Plans Receive Billions In Tax Dollars, With Little Oversight
    More than two-thirds of Medicaid recipients are enrolled in privately run Medicaid managed care programs. Yet the evidence is thin these contractors improve patient care or save the government money.

  2. Midterm Election Could Reshape Health Policy
    The fate of Obamacare may hinge on which party wins the midterm elections.

  3. What's At Stake For U.S. Health Policy With This Year's Midterm Elections
    The midterm elections will determine which party controls the House and Senate for the next two years ? and that could have a major effect on the future of U.S. health policy.

  4. Should TV Drug Ads Be Forced To Include A Price? Trump's Team Says Yes
    With high drug prices a hot election issue, drugmakers and the Trump administration are jockeying over how to bring prices down. But critics say the proposed fixes don't have enforcement teeth.

  5. What You Can Do To Control How Your Health And Medical Data Is Used
    Digital health lawyer Jodi Daniel answers questions about what people can do to control how our medical and health data is used, as smart watches, fitness trackers and other devices gain popularity.

  6. If Your Medical Information Becomes A Moneymaker, Could You Get A Cut?
    Sometimes discoveries derived from patients' medical data become the foundation of new profit-making companies. A fledgling industry wants to help patients get a cut of the cash.

  7. Last Year, The Flu Put Him In A Coma. This Year He's Getting The Shot
    When 39-year-old Charlie Hinderliter got the flu last winter, he ended up in a medically induced coma and spent 58 days hospitalized. Serious, even fatal, complications can hit patients of any age.

  8. FACT CHECK: Who's Right About Protections For Pre-Existing Conditions?
    Consumers favor safeguards that help people with a history of health problems still get insurance. In the heat of the midterm campaigns, politicians' arguments don't always add up.

  9. How To Prevent Brain-Sapping Delirium In The ICU
    People who suffer from prolonged delirium in the hospital are likely to develop long-term mental problems like dementia. Doctors have come up with techniques they say can reduce delirium in the ICU.

  10. 'Come And Arrest Me': Former Pa. Governor Defies Justice Department On Safe Injection
    A nonprofit in Philadelphia is making plans to open a supervised drug injection site ? which is against the law. Their response to justice department threats of a crackdown? "Bring it on."

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