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Center for Healthcare: News of the Day
  1. Attorneys Unveil Plan For National Settlement Of Lawsuits From Opioid Epidemic
    Attorneys who represent hundreds of local governments have a new proposal for how to deal with the opioid crisis. They unveiled the framework for nationwide settlement in federal court on Friday.

  2. Architecture For Possible Nationwide Opioid Settlement Unveiled
    If finalized, such a deal could funnel tens of billions of dollars to American communities struggling with the addiction crisis, while restoring stability to one of the country's biggest industries.

  3. Why Air Ambulance Bills Are Still Sky-High
    The median air ambulance bill is more than $36,000 and is seldom covered by health plans. So far, legislative hurdles and industry pressure have kept Congress from stepping in.

  4. How One Father Became A Leading Activist In The Fight Against Opioids
    When Greg McNeil's son Sam died of a heroin overdose in 2015, after first becoming addicted to prescription pain pills, the father reinvented himself as an opioid activist.

  5. Ban On Abortion Funding Stays In House Bill As 2020 Democrats Promise Repeal
    Presidential candidates oppose the Hyde Amendment, which bars federal funding for abortion services. But House Democrats kept it in a spending package that's expected to pass in the coming days.

  6. Federal Grants Restricted To Fighting Opioids Miss The Mark, States Say
    The U.S. government has doled out at least $2.4 billion in state grants since 2017, specifically targeting the opioid epidemic. Yet drug abuse problems seldom involve only one substance.

  7. Rural Health: Financial Insecurity Plagues Many Who Live With Disability
    Having to come up with $1,000 unexpectedly can be a challenge for anyone. NPR's recent poll on rural health found that especially true for one group: people with disabilities.

  8. Health Workers Still Aren't Alerting Police About Likely Elder Abuse, Reports Find
    Workers in nursing homes, hospital ERs and other health facilities are required by law to notify police whenever they notice likely signs of physical or sexual abuse. But that's often not happening.

  9. 'Patients Will Die': One County's Challenge To Trump's 'Conscience Rights' Rule
    California's Santa Clara County argues that if the rule goes into effect in July, the county will suffer irreparable harm in terms of patient care and staffing costs.

  10. How Safe Is Sunscreen And How Much Should We Wear?
    NPR's Audie Cornish talks with Trisha Calvo of Consumer Reports about a study that finds the active ingredients in sunscreen may be absorbed into the bloodstream.

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