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  1. Lives Cut Short: Remembering Health Care Workers In Their 20s Killed By COVID-19
    While most people who die from COVID-19 are over 65, health care workers who die are often younger. Here are stories of some who died in their 20s, leaving shattered dreams and devastated families.

  2. California And Texas Health Officials: Mistrust A Major Hurdle For Contact Tracers
    In Harris County, Texas, about 25% of people are "absolutely unwilling to share anything," says a local health department epidemiologist. Misinformation is one reason for the mistrust, officials say.

  3. California Coronavirus Testing Problem Prompts Resignation Of Public Health Official
    California's public health director has resigned after revelations of an extensive backlog of untested coronavirus test kits. More than a quarter-million tests there are still awaiting processing.

  4. Las Vegas Casinos Are Open At 50% Capacity. What About Las Vegas Hospitals?
    Las Vegas is on shaky footing as it reopens with one of the nation's highest infection rates. An NPR analysis shows the city could run into trouble with hospital capacity if cases keep climbing.

  5. Meet The Medical Professionals Playing Classical Music Together Online
    The National Virtual Medical Orchestra brings together health care workers and gives them a creative outlet during the pandemic.

  6. Without Federal Protections, Farm Workers Risk Coronavirus Infection To Harvest Crops
    Labor advocates say the lack of enforceable federal standards to ward off the coronavirus allows farmers to prioritize the harvest over worker safety.

  7. Drug Companies Face Lawsuits From Opioid Crisis As They Respond To The Pandemic
    As pharmaceutical companies face a tsunami of lawsuits and criminal probes stemming from the opioid epidemic, they are accused of using the coronavirus crisis to rehabilitate their image.

  8. Governors To Work With Rockefeller Foundation To Improve Virus Testing In U.S.
    NPR's Ari Shapiro talks with Dr. Rajiv Shah, president of the Rockefeller Foundation, about the foundation's efforts to implement a national coronavirus testing and tracing plan.

  9. Coronavirus Cases Are Surging. The Contact Tracing Workforce Is Not
    NPR surveyed all 50 states about their contact tracing work. The workforce has barely grown since mid-June, while cases have skyrocketed.

  10. Missouri Voters Approve Medicaid Expansion Despite Resistance From Republican Leaders
    Missouri is the second state to expand the health care program via ballot measure during the pandemic. Nearly a quarter-million people could get health insurance thanks to the measure.

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