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Center for Healthcare: News of the Day
  1. Coronavirus Overwhelms Georgia Hospital: Patients Flood In As Staff Weathers Exposure
    A severe outbreak in Dougherty County is taxing the biggest hospital in Albany, Ga., a small inland community of 73,000.

  2. The Coronavirus Doesn't Discriminate. U.S. Health Care May Be A Different Story
    The coronavirus doesn't discriminate in who it infects. But some doctors say the U.S. health care system's pandemic response is already showing familiar patterns of bias.

  3. Fighting COVID-19 Is Like 'Whack-A-Mole,' Says Writer Who Warned Of A Pandemic
    Atlantic writer Ed Yong warned of a global pandemic two years ago. He says scientists are still working to understand how COVID-19 travels through air ? and whether more of us should be wearing masks.

  4. 5 Key Facts Not Explained In White House COVID-19 Projections
    The Trump administration's strategy for ending the current wave of coronavirus infections relies on a model that appears to count on several important assumptions. We look at why that matters.

  5. FEMA Hadn't Ordered Ventilators. Manufacturers Forged Ahead Anyway
    Medical technology companies ? sometimes working with carmakers ? have been massively increasing production of ventilators. For two weeks, they've been working without government contracts in hand.

  6. Hospital Workers: Tell Us Your Coronavirus Experience
    NPR is seeking health care providers working in hospitals to document their personal experiences working during the coronavirus pandemic.

  7. 28 College Students Who Chartered A Spring Break Plane To Mexico Now Have Coronavirus
    All of the people who have tested positive are students at the University of Texas at Austin. Some of the group returned on separate commercial flights ? widening the potential spread of infection.

  8. Questions For An Emergency Medicine Doctor And An Epidemiologist About COVID-19
    NPR's Ari Shapiro speaks with emergency medicine physician Dr. Megan Ranney about treating COVID-19 patients, and UCLA epidemiologist Anne Rimoin answers questions about the spread of the virus.

  9. Models Of Epidemic Predict Huge U.S. Death Toll; Scientists Hope For Better Outcome
    Computer models predict that between 100,000 and 200,000 Americans will die from COVID-19 in the months ahead. Administration officials said public health interventions could still lower the toll.

  10. To Stop The Pandemic, Seema Verma Is 'Getting Rid Of A Lot Of Regulations'
    As head of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Verma says she's working to ease safety rules and lighten licensing requirements, to expand the number of hospital beds and health workers.

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