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  1. To understand the machinery of life, this scientist breaks it on purpose
    By tinkering with some of life's oldest components, astrobiologists hope to find clues about how life emerged. In a recent article researchers report an unexpected discovery, hinting at an effect that prevents organisms from ever reaching evolutionary 'perfection.'

  2. Research gets to the heart of organ shape in nature
    Researchers have shed fresh light on the evolution and function of the shapes we see in nature - using as a model the heart shaped fruits of the Capsella genus.

  3. Single-cell analysis provides new insights into mitochondrial diseases
    Investigators have made discoveries at the single cell level to uncover new details concerning mitochondrial diseases -- inherited disorders that interfere with energy production in the body and currently have no cure.

  4. Virus uses decoy strategy to evade immune system
    Researchers have learnt more about how viruses operate and can evade the immune system and are now using their discovery to help learn more about COVID-19.

  5. Fireflies shed light on the function of mitochondria
    By making mice bioluminescent, scientists have found a way to monitor the activity of mitochondria in living organisms.

  6. Of quirky channels and a fond farewell

    This final installment of Generally Physiological concerns F-selective channels, a surprising role for a tryptophan in determining channel identity, and a farewell note from the Executive Editor of The Journal of General Physiology.

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