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Center for Energy: News of the Day
  1. Squeezing more power out of solar cells
    Physicists have published new research that could literally squeeze more power out of solar cells by physically deforming each of the crystals in the semiconductors used by photovoltaic cells.

  2. Double perovskites in environmentally friendly solar cells
    A further step has been taken along the road to manufacturing solar cells from lead-free perovskites. High quality films based on double perovskites, which show promising photovoltaic properties, have been developed.

  3. Banking on sunshine: World added far more solar than fossil fuel power generating capacity in 2017
    Solar energy dominated global investment in new power generation like never before in 2017.

  4. US power sector carbon emissions intensity drops to lowest on record
    Researchers have announced the release of the 2018 Carnegie Mellon Power Sector Carbon Index. The Index tracks the environmental performance of US power producers and compares current emissions to more than two decades of historical data collected nationwide. This release marks the one-year anniversary of the Index, developed as a new metric to track power sector carbon emissions performance trends.
    Once we can capture CO2 emissions, here's what we could do with it
    The carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted from power plants each year doesn't have to go into the atmosphere. Researchers are optimistic that within the next decade we will be able to affordably capture CO2 waste and convert it into useful molecules for feedstock, biofuels, pharmaceuticals, or renewable fuels.

  5. Global carbon emissions could be cut 3 percent by following the UK's example
    The UK cut its emissions from electricity production by 25 percent in 2016, using a strategy many countries could adopt to quickly lower carbon emissions.

  6. 20-year-old assumptions in solar cell production refuted
    Researchers have investigated the manufacturing process of solar cells. The researchers proved that assumptions on chemical processes that were commonplace among researchers and producers for the past 20 years are, in fact, inaccurate.

  7. Wood pellets: Renewable, but not carbon neutral
    A return to firewood is bad for forests and the climate.

  8. Potassium gives perovskite-based solar cells an efficiency boost
    A simple potassium solution could boost the efficiency of next-generation solar cells, by enabling them to convert more sunlight into electricity.

  9. Obtaining energy from marine currents
    Researchers have developed procedures and designs to obtain energy from marine currents in areas of great depths optimizing the costs.

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