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You can enter the name you wish to register here to check if it is available. You can use alphanumeric characters and hyphens, but domain names cannot begin or end with a hyphen and spaces are not permitted. Domain names are limited up to 67 characters, including the top level part of the domain name.

It is crucial to select the right domain name for your site.
Follow our advice on how to do this.
You can search for a suitable domain name to register in various ways. You should take different approach depending on weather you need the name for a new or already existing site, or you want to protect your trademark or brand, or to make a profit from selling the domain name later.

Carefully choose a set of key phrases and words that describe your company and products or services.

Surfers will use such words and phrases to locate your website. Word combinations work better than single words. Domain names can be as much as 67 characters long and the more keywords they contain the higher they rank on search engines. Search engines index well domain names that are descriptive about the site they represent. For instance: The number at the beginning of a domain name will give you advantage with search engines that sort their results alphabetically. “Domain name” and “registration” are descriptive keywords that are common in our field of business.

If you are searching for a new domain name for an already existing website, your choices will be smaller than if you were setting up a new site.

Is the name of your current site easily recognizable and memorable? Even if you host your site on a on a cheap or free server you may have chosen a suitable short phrase for a title. You could use this phrase or a variant of it as the new domain name.

If the phrase that you used as a title for your site is very general, many other sites could already be utilizing the name and it would be hard to find a similar domain name that is still unregistered. If you run into a problem like this, you could consider buying the name that you want, check for a different extension such as .biz, .info, .org or .net or you could try a different approach.