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 FrontPage Extensions support
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 POP3 e-mail accounts 50 200
 E-mail aliases 100 Unlimited
 Mailing lists 5 10
 Anti-Virus protection
 Web e-mail
 POP3 server
 SMTP server
 Autoresponder e-mails
 Catch-all e-mails
 Scripting and Database
 MySQL databases 1 4
 Perl support
 PHP support
 PHP support in HTML files
 Over 3400 Perl modules
 Crontab support 1 3
 Site Management Tools
 Advanced Control Panel
 FTP accounts 5 5
 Web based file manager
 Custom ERROR 404 page
 Password protected directories
 Misc Features
 Instant account activation
 SSL with certificate generation
 SSI support
 SSH support Optional Optional
 Unrestricted bandwidth
 Site Statistics
 Raw access and error logs
 Traffic stats - WebAlizer
 Detailed bandwidth stats
 OS, Connectivity and Back-up
 Stable Linux with Apache
 2.5 GBits network connectivity
 Daily data back-up
 UPS & diesel back-up generator
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Virtual Hosting

Virtual hosting allows our clients to experience the maximum quality of services, with a minimum of investment. Our services are secured, fast, and guaranteed.

Your website will be powered by Dual P4 (Xeon) 2.6 GHz servers with 2 GB of memory, 5x36 GIGs SCSI hard drives, the Linux OS, and a 100 Mbits connection in Fremont/CA - USA. This ensures that your web site will load quickly for your customers, wherever they are in the world.

Our hosting plan includes a 15 day money back guarantee. Web hosting is risk free with us.

If you are not performing at least some part of your business over the Internet, you are missing out on a huge opportunity for increased profits. Today's Internet is an integral part of the business world. However, with an endless amount of possibilities, it is often confusing to know exactly what to do. With our extensive web experience, we can guide you down the right path.