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   How do I use the msGrafx Support Service online?

How do I use the msGrafx Support Service online?
When opening a ticket, be sure to include your domain name and the servername (if you can find it) on which the account is hosted. (The server name is in your welcome email.) msGrafx Support will NOT respond to support requests for any domain which is not hosted by msGrafx.
To initiate a Support Request, simply click the link above and open a ticket. To follow the progress of a support request, you'll need to know the ticket identification number and the e-mail address which you entered when you opened the ticket.
You should receive a confirmatory e-mail to acknowledge the request and give you an id number. Please respond to the emails sent rather than initiating a new email because that will open a new ticket and you may have different service techs not understanding the sequence of your requests.